Sunday, 29 May 2016

Deadite Reaper


Well I've had this chap sat half painted on my table for several years now and thought it was high time I actually got round to finishing him off!

He went that away!

He's a mid 80's Citadel miniature and the detailing on him is a bit rough and ready, as is the anatomy but I must admit that I quite enjoyed painting the little guy. I'm not sure I will be painting much more in the scale but it was quite a nice change from the smaller scale gubbins I've been concentrating on of late.

I also discovered a new range of paints that are really rather nice. Anita's all purpose acrylic are available from the likes of The Range and rather affordable too. 

Acrylic Goodies!

The Earth Brown is especially nice when watered down into a wash as can be seen with the robe of the Deadite. It was just several coats of earth brown wash over a khaki basecoat. I picked up a few colours from The Range a while back to see what they were like and I must admit that I like what I've found! I suspect that I will be picking up a fair few more in the coming weeks to add to my collection.

They are allowing me to experiment with a looser and more naturalistic style than what I would usually attempt with lots of earthy, matt tones that look rather decent. While smaller scale painting requires bold colours and sharp highlights, I think these paints work rather well with 28mm scale figures and I may be tempted to try out some experimental paintjobs to see how they turn out.

Alas I'm back to work tomorrow so I doubt I will have much chance to paint anything for a while but we shall see what we can do!

All the best!

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  1. Lovely piece! It may be a kinda crude sculpt, but the charm it instils overcompensates it all!!