Monday, 23 May 2016

Eldar Nightwing Fighter


Whilst watching the Hollow Crown the other night, I managed to paint up a new addition to my Eldar force in the form of a Nightwing Interceptor:


As all things Epic are horrendously expensive these days, I tend to make use of whatever proxies I can find that look good and this is no exception! It's from the excellent eM-4 plastic fighter sprue that costs £2.55 for 12 different fighters plus bases and while technically small for 6mm gaming, it does the trick. 

I have another Nightwing primed and basecoated and am looking forward to getting it finished off too but may make it a fighter ace's personal ride so will be adding some personalised touches to make things a bit more interesting!

Here's a quick shot of the complete force thus far:

 Red troops on a red planet under a red sun.

I'm really liking how the force is coming together but the next issue will be the addition of some Knights and a Titan which is going to be more difficult to proxy I suspect. In the meantime, I do have a host of infantry I can work on as well as some more vehicles and so on but I do want to eventually add some large walkers to the mix!

Saying that, I do like the way the force looks at the moment as a raiding party rather than a mighty host and looking at Horizon Wars, I think I have more than enough for a decent game or two.

Maybe I will need to stat up a couple of forces and have a bash to see how the game plays as I have some interesting gubbins for my Ultramarines, Squats and Eldar.

An Ultramarine Thunderhawk is about to have a bad day...

There's something really enjoyable about painting stuff in small scale as it's possible to paint them to a good standard in a short time and have a force come together quite quickly and cheaply too!

If anyone can suggest some decent Eldar walker proxies for 6mm or indeed 15mm scale, give me a shout as I want to paint up some centrepieces to the force at some point!

All the best

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