Wednesday, 25 May 2016

All Hail the Space Pudding!


Well I had a bit of a mental session yesterday and decided to add a Space Pudding cult leader to my collection.

Looking through my bits box, I found a robed Retained Knight from the Ion age and set to work with clippers and greenstuff and the final result is Father Johann, High Priest of the Space Pudding, wielder of the spoon of destiny and possible xenos host:

 Father Johann: Loon

I'm quite pleased with how he turned out! Yes his head is a bit on the big side but I'm quite pleased with the mystical robes, pudding bowl hat and mighty spoon which Father Johann puts to good use against the unbelievers!

He will make a good addition to the dramatis personae of Farpoint as a rabble rouser, possible alien threat or objective for scenarios which require his capture for interrogation or assassinations!

I also managed to finish a small Xenos fellow who's been sat based and unloved for some time now:

 Alien Minion

He painted up surprisingly well considering how poor the sculpt was and he makes a decent addition to my band of villains and renegades:

Outlaw Scum

I'm now half way through my holidays and do think I have made some real progress on my unpainted lead and am hankering after playing some small games in the not too distant future but to spice things up, I think I'm going to paint some Epic gubbins next to keep me interested and avoid the dreaded burn out!

All the best!

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  1. Well that's me converted. All hail the mighty pudding.

    Ah RT when it still had a sense of humour!