Sunday, 22 May 2016

Imperial Patrol


Well I am on my holidays and a much needed break from the hectic excitement of work! Who would think that working in a bookshop would be so much hard work but I love it so I can't complain too much.

Still I'm now on holiday and getting stuff sorted for our upcoming wedding so unsurprisingly hobby time is once again minimal but I have managed to scrape together a few moments to paint up some more gubbins in the form of the basis for an Imperial patrol:

 Ultramarine Combat Squad

I must admit that I do love the combination of detail and ease of painting that 15mm scale provides as painting a similar force to a decent standard in 28mm would take an awful lot more work and with limited time and space, I think that 15's are a good alternative.

I still need to flesh them out to a full strength ten man squad but quite like how things are looking thus far. They are Ion Age retained knights but look the job as the Empress's finest in my alternative Imperium and I look forward to adding to their ranks.

Next up, there's some lowly PDF troopers of the Imperial Guard:
Lowly Grunts

I went for the traditional black and grey with brown accents for these chaps as a nod to the classic 40k illustrations and quite like how they've turned out. Inkeeping with my reimagined Imperium, they are a bit better kitted out than of old with more believable armour and autoguns and are originally from Ground Zero Games. I may yet rework the helmets though as I think that the red stripe needs to be a bit bolder...

With a bit of work, I think I will have a decent squad of these chaps sorted out soonish too before moving onto some xenos types and assorted villains to menace my frontier settlers with.

Here's a quick shot of the completed models thus far:

A cosmic cornucopia 

It's been quite a lot of fun painting skirmish forces but I have also recently picked up Horizon wars which seems to be really getting a lot of interest out there so I am going to try it out in a couple of battle reports in the coming months too!


 Eldar Warhost

 Ultramarine Strike Force

 Squat Brotherhood

Mercenary Armour

Looking at my current Epic collection, I can't help but feel that I am missing some mechs to lord it over them so will need to rummage around for some suitable proxies as well as adding Imperial Guard, Chaos and Orks to the mix.

Hopefully I will manage some hobby time this holiday so do check back!

All the best!

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  1. Wow, really liking the 15mm stuff, I may need to investigate that myself.