Thursday, 26 May 2016

Epic Wave Serpent


Well I decided to take  a quick break from Rogue Trader and take a look through my Epic stuff and if possible, get something else painted.

Looking at the little boxes of tiny figures, I settled on adding something to my Eldar which are starting to come together nicely following my Nightwing Fighter from earlier in the week. I wanted to add another vehicle to the force in the form some Wave Serpents but sadly I don't have either the classic design or the newer Epic 40k one so settled on a bit of kit bashing!

 Wave Serpent

To represent the forcefield generators that make the Wave Serpent so well protected, I glued on a load of tiny jewels that I'd picked up from The Range for about a quid some time ago. The finished design looks quite decent and I suspect that I will be adding a few more to my force so that my Guardians can ride around in style!

 Falcon and Wave Serpent

As you can see in the picture, my painting approach for the vehicles seems to have changed a little but hopefully not too noticably other than the black paint round the base which seems to be a bit shinier that the older stuff I have.

Eldar Warhost 

Looking at the stuff I have got, I think I need to add some jetbikes to the mix as they are Samhain Windriders after all. I also need to add some Aspect Warriors. I have got a couple of stands of Dark Reapers and Howling Banshees (which I handily forgot to include in the picture!) but looking at my rather meagre Eldar stuff, I'm saddened to find I only have enough for two stands of each aspect!

Still, I shall see what I can put together over the coming weeks!

In the meantime, All the best!

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