Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Governor Generals Daugher Kidnapped!


Well I've been rummaging through my unpainted lead and found a couple of bits and bobs that either needed finishing or a bit of basing so have sat down and got them finished:


First up, there's a ganger that wouldn't look out of place in a lot of settings. He painted up really nicely but is rather on the large side, being closer to 20mm tall than 15mm, not helped by his thick base. Still he will make a handy addition to a force of thuggish minions. I'm still swithering about his hair and may repaint it black as the jokerish green is a little jarring.

Next up, I have retouched and based an old Peter Pig civilian to act as the Governor Generals daughter. She will be doing what damsels in distress do best, namely be kidnapped and held hostage in the slime jungle!

 Arbites engage a gang of desperate criminals holding the Governor Generals daughter hostage!

She's a tiny figure, even for a 15mm scale one but puts one in mind of the spoiled princess sort that is used to getting her own way and will no doubt give her kidnappers a great deal of trouble.

I hope to paint up another dozen or so gangers as well as some more forces of law and order to try our a scenario or two so watch this space!

All the best!

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  1. I suspect that the Governor Generals daughter is going to be kidnapped on a fairly regular basis! It's such a fun scenario to play and there's plenty of factions on Farpoint that want to cause trouble!

    All the best!