Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Imperial Reinforcements and Xenos Scum!


Just another quick update with some more gubbins for my Rogue Trader 15mm project in the form of another Ultramarine and a Gatergore alien!

That was like, Ultra!

I am slowly building up a squad of the little chaps who will be acting as a strike team for my Imperial forces in an upcoming game and quite like the way they are turning out! 

Next up, there's a Gatergore mercenary trooper lurking suspiciously outside an equally suspicious medical clinic:

The sculpt is a bit rough and ready but he fits in quite well with the RT aesthetic and once I have another few done, they will make handy bodyguards, hired muscle or other thuggish minions for my villains to order around.

Eat explosive death Xenos scum!

If I was to do him again, I suspect I'd sculpt more of a tail on him but as a nameless minion of evil, he will do as is. I think I will need to spend some time rummaging around my collection to see if I can find someone suitable to act as the bad guy, possibly a certain Abdul Goldburg or one of his henchmen...

Till next time, All the best!

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