Thursday, 17 December 2015

Quick and Easy Epic Terrain


While I've had rather a lot of fun painting up lots of tiny figures of late for my Epic project, I do seem to have neglected the terrain side of things somewhat so have decided to remedy the situation with some quick and easy pieces of scatter terrain to act as cover or objectives for games.

I don't have much time for hobby related activity so I quickly rummaged my bits box and found a couple of large bottle lids I had saved from something a while back, stuck them on a piece of spare plasticard and gave them a suitably grubby paint job.

Sadly the initial results looked suspiciously like two bottle lids so after a bit of head scratching, I added some wire pipework and glued on some plastic tubing too and think it looks a little bit more convincing, especially now the base is done too.

 Promethium? Spice? Water? Beer? Who Knows!

With the addition of a few other bits and bobs I have saved over the last few years, I have enough to represent a decent industrial site but figure it might be time to add some settlements and the odd hill to my terrain collection as my gaming surface is still a bit flat looking.

 Dark Reapers and Falcon transport seize the high ground!

I am also experimenting with some roads to give a bit of sense of scale to the project as it's not all going to be fought out over a flat expanse of wilderness after all so there's need for civilian vehicles, ammo dumps, spaceports and lots more as a good piece of terrain can be used to hang a narrative on and make a game far more interesting!

Close up

I also don't want all the terrain pieces to look grubby Imperial as there's need for Orks, Eldar, Squat and all sorts of gribbly alien stuff too so I think I am going to have another look at what I have and see if I can't throw together some more interesting pieces. 

Something else I want to try is to experiment with different types of terrain for different worlds too. Farpoint may be an arid desert of a place but I do fancy trying to play a game on a frozen iceworld or lush alien jungle! 

Hopefully over the coming months there will be ample opportunity to build a better battlefield to go along with my epic forces as they too expand. 

All the best!

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  1. Thanks for all the comments folks! I hope to add to the scenery collection over the next couple of weeks!

    All the best!