Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Epic Eldar Swordwind Reinforcements


I'm just getting ready to head out to work but have taken the opportunity to finish off a couple more bits for my Epic Eldar!

First up, I finished a couple more Mk1 Falcons to give me a bit of vehicle support and transport for my troops. The old plastic Falcon grav tanks paint up quite nicely and with a quick ink wash, the detail really shows on them but for some reason it doesn't seem to show too well on the left hand vehicle in the pics.

 Falcon Squadron supported by a Vyper Jetbike

Next up, there's some heavy firepower from two stands of Dark Reapers:

 Dark Reapers

I had planned on painting them in traditional 2nd edition colours but rather liked the black and bone armour finish so kept them at that. In keeping with their fire support role, I built up one of their bases a bit to give myself a mini vignette too which looks rather decent.

That gives me rather a decent little force to be getting on with too as all I feel I need to do at present is to add some more Guardians, the odd heavy weapon and some jetbikes as well as another stand of Howling Banshees and I'm ready to rock!

The Force Thus Far

With a little bit of work, I may actually have them sorted by the weekend and will then move onto something a bit different to keep me from burning out. I am thinking of fleshing out my Ultramarines a bit as well as my Squat force and even making a start on some Orkish raiders to boot so watch this space!

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  1. Beautiful once again! Powerful colours, they look great!