Thursday, 24 December 2015

Eldar Terrain


I'm just about to head out to work and the mayhem of last minute shoppers but have managed to get a couple of quick pics of an Eldar building that I've been working on:

 Eldar Wraithbone dome

Made from a coffee filter thingy and some greenstuff, I quite like how it's turned out. I still need to add some greenery to the hole in the centre but it's done enough to be game ready.

While the official GW line is that the vast majority of Eldar live in Craftworlds, my version of the setting has a resurgent Eldar seeking to take back its once glorious empire and are actively settling worlds again so some structures will come in very handy to represent hardy Eldar pioneer settlements and also gives my Saim Hann forces something to defend in some upcoming games.

I am going to build one or two more structures of various sizes as well as a Webway portal for the settlement and see how we go!

Eldar Guardians protect a lonely outpost

In other news, I have been pondering over 2nd edition 40k again. I am planning to try out a game using my multi based 6mm stuff but do have an urge to go for something a little grander but having looked at my collection and how long it took me to paint the various bits and bobs I have, I doubt I will be doing much more larger scale stuff anytime soon...

Still, in the coming year, I may be tempted to brave sculpting a few more bits and bobs for my Orks:

Blood Axe Warband in the making?

I must admit that I did love sculpting the little chaps and have thought of making a few resin casts of the next batch that I make and then doing some Marines, Guard and Eldar... Maybe it would be best to start out with a Necromunda skirmish sort of deal before getting too carried away but I will have to put some thought into it so watch this space!

In the meantime Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hey, lovely building, I like how it turned out! The Orks are pure genius, haha :D I love them!
    Merry Christmas to you too!