Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Eldar Guardian Detatchment


Well I am off to work in an hour or so but took the time to get some quick shots of my Eldar Host as it stands and am rather chuffed with the results thus far!

 Guardian Detachment

I still have a few bits and bobs to add to the Guardian detachment, especially as they are painted as Saim Hann Craftworld Eldar which will require them to have Wave Serpents to transport them around the battlefield in true lightning attack style.

For the time being though they are classed as Guardian Defenders so ar foot slogging it around. They will have a couple of Dreadnaughts to support them alongside a heavy weapon platform or two but they already have quite a good firepower rating for Epic 40k but really need the range that the Dreads and support weapons can provide.

 A Saim Hann Eldar Warhost deploys for battle

I am slowly adding detachments as I go but in keeping with my small scale game ethos, they're going to be no bigger than my Guardian force, averaging 10-12 stands apiece. I plan on painting up a Windrider host next with all the Jetbikes I currently have which will round out my fast attack force nicely too!

It's not all Eldar that I've been working on either! As mentioned in my previous post, I have been finishing off some air support for my Imperials and have based up one of the EM4 plastic fighters.

Imperial Harpy class fighter on patrol

I was going to mount it on a 40mm round base but went with the 30mm instead as it looked a little swamped on the larger base. The fighter itself may be a tad on the small side scale wise but as it's going to be soaring above the combat, it doesn't really matter too much!

I don't know if I'm going to have chance to post many more updates in the coming week or so but I do hope to add a few more bits and bobs to my growing forces and then who knows, I may even try playing a game or two!

All the best!

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  1. Your Eldar look like so much fun to paint. I love the bases you've used, I'm seriously considering not using OG black squares now for my dark Angels.
    Swim-Hann are by far the most interesting of all craftworld Eldar. So bravo great choice!
    I remember my last flight to the uk there were two middle aged men playing 40k using epic scale figures on a magnetized playing board. I didn't want to stop and stare but it was interesting and I think you are on your way to a superb micro portable oldhammer game.
    So cool!