Thursday, 3 December 2015

Epic Eldar Reinforcements


Gosh, I have another day off and have managed to paint some more stuff over the last few days. Wonders will apparently never cease!

I've managed to add a command element to my Epic Eldar force in the form of a Farseer and a unit of Howling Banshees to give my force some close combat clout and to break up the monotony of painting lots of red:

Eldar Raiders

At this rate I think I will be able to play a game or two before too long which will pit my Ultramarine Veterans against an eldar raiding party using Gruntz to see how things go. I am also perusing my old copy of Epic 40k with the vague notion of playing out a small game or two with the rules, which are by far my favourite of the classics. It's heretical I know but the fast play allows for a great game without the need to roll individual attacks and is one of the least appreciated of GW's specialist games!

I still need to finish off a stand of Dark Reapers, Jetbikes and possibly another Falcon or two but I am really enjoying the chance to work on some small warbands and have been rooting around my Epic collection for more interesting stuff to paint as well as seeing if I can find some suitable proxies for some of the rarer items from Epic too.

As with all things to do with my hobby, I have no interest in slavishly sticking to only GW stuff and plan on supplementing my collection with some gubbins from Ground Zero Games, Brigade, Ral Partha and many more!

The general plan is to produce a load of smallish forces, usually with a decent amount of optional extras and get gaming. Looking at what I have in plastic with a few metal bits, I am going to be able to field the following:

Defenders of the Imperium

Ultramarine Veteran Detachment (DONE)
Space Wolf Warband (STARTED)
Blood Angel Detachment
Dark Angel Detachment
White Scars Detachment
Crimson Fist Detachment

Rebellion Forces

World Eaters Warband
Thousand Sons Warband
Deathguard Warband
Emperor's Children (STARTED)

Xenos Scum

Squat Brotherhood (ALMOST DONE)
Outlaw Squat Brotherhood (STARTED)
Alaitoc Craftworld
Biel-Tan Craftworld
Iyanden Craftworld
Saim-Hann Craftworld (ALMOST DONE)
Ulthwe Craftworld
Goff Warband
Bad Moon Warband

As you can see, there are quite a few gaps in the lineup with Imperial Guard, Tyranid and several others still to be located but I think I have enough to keep me entertained for a while. Hopefully I will be able to post an update on the State of the Imperium over the next few days as well to give a bit of background to my alternative Imperium setting and more pics of forces as they develop!

In the meantime, All the best!

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