Saturday, 26 December 2015

Pondering 2nd Edition (40k That Is!)


Well boxing day is drawing to a close and I've once again been at work dealing with post Christmas shenanigans in the book trade. Between all the book gubbins, I have spent a few spare moments thinking about what for me is old school gaming, namely Warhammer 40'000 2nd Edition.

 2nd Edition

Now looking back at some of the posts I've made over the years about just what I like about the horrendously unbalanced but great fun game, I have been hankering after reliving some of the halcyon days of my youth and trying out the game again. I have the rules, the codexes and the cards somewhere too so what, you may ask am I waiting for? Crack on and get painting!

The problem is I am horrendously slow at painting and have precious little space to play out anything other than a small skirmish, Necromunda style. In fact, it's taken me best part of a year to paint about half a dozen figures for a couple of factions.

 Imperial Guard Killteam

I suspect that next year is going to be even busier as I am getting married in August which I suspect that is going to be taking rather a lot of my hobby time... 

Orkish Raiders

But is there a way to actually play out a game or two with limited space and in a more compact space? There seems to be a few options out there for creating the sort of game I am looking for.

On the one hand I could soldier on with the 28mm stuff and build small Necromunda style forces to duke it out. Secondly, I could scale things down a little and create a full sized army in 15mm scale and finally I can scale it down again and try to play a game in 6mm!

With a bit of internet searching, I happened across ANGEL BARRACKS and some of the fascinating skirmishes played out there in 6mm scale. Similarly, there's GUNNARS WARGAMING which features some really fantastic converted 15mm scale goodies for 40k gaming. I must admit that both have rather tempting features and either would make for a great project to get 2016 off to a flying start, especially as it will mark the 20th anniversary of the last 2nd edition game I played...

I think I need to put a bit of thought into what I want to do, how much work I can put into it and indeed how much I want to spend on getting it together!

Hopefully the next few days will also see a continuation of my Epic project too as the Squats now have an infantry command element waiting on getting based and I'm quite keen to explore a few gaming possibilities with it too!

For the time being though, All the best!


  1. I would fully recommend Pulp Alley for small scale gaming. 3x3 table, lots of scope to personalize your team, but not too much finicky point optimization.

    The governor has some great writeups that show what can be done with smaller model count games (although he's been upscaling with a variety of rulesets lately).

  2. Mate have a look at the 'Kill team' rules.

    It's 40K with maybe 15 figures a side.

  3. Whatever you choose, for sure you'll have fun. The important thing is not the rulebook but the attitude, and I see a lot of that here! :)
    BTW, congrats on the wedding!

  4. 2nd edition is great - for skirmishes you can also use (the original) Necromunda rules (just ignore the campaign stuff and use point values from the codexes).

    Epic is cool, but looking forward to some 28mm 2nd ed stuff here too ;)