Monday, 21 December 2015

Epic Terrain


Well I have a much needed day off work today as the run up to Christmas is most definitely the silly season in the book world which is great fun but rather exhausting!

Following my previous post, I have been having a bit of a rummage through my assorted terrain to see what would be suited to my Epic project.

As I plan on playing platoon level games rather than vast battles, I do feel the need to go heavy on the terrain to give the tiny troops and vehicles something to hide behind rather than being blasted to atoms from the other side of the board. I am also looking at expanding my supply of objectives for said tiny troops to fight over.

 Sensor Array 7

Looking back through my previous Epic posts, I do seem to be getting there slowly but surely as interesting pieces of tech have sprung up be they sensor arrays or industrial sites. There's mesa formations and broken scree, not to mention lots of fungoid growths and other bits and bobs.

 Rival Squat forces skirmish with an enigmatic stone head watching on.

I am thinking of making some larger pieces too though as at present, it's all a bit random. What about an Imperial Outpost, Squat Mine, Orkish shanty town or rebel base? I want to explore grav train stations, enigmatic ruins, crashed spaceships and lots more!

 Squats deploy amongst a copse of giant puffballs.

I have over the years collected quite a few interesting bits and bobs and am hoping to start putting it all to good use in the coming year and actually get a board put together that is worthy of some old school gaming with settlements being raided, landings being made and desperate holding actions against unspeakable horrors. Oddly it seems to be this small scale that has ignited my interest in my hobby like none have previously. Even my 15mm scale obsession of the last few years hasn't managed to elicit such interest in putting together little forces and bodging together interesting stuff for them so fight over.

 A Squat column is ambushed by Ultramarines.

Hopefully I will be able to get an update or two in over the coming week with some buildings as I make my first attempt at constructing a frontier settlement which will be a base of operations for my Squat Guilders and I also hope to start fleshing out the setting of my alternative Imperium, Farpoint and the many forces in the region who are fighting over it's control.

 Squat badland patrol

I am also doing a bit of tinkering with my Eldar at the moment so they should be seeing some reinforcements soon as will the Imperials with the addition of some airpower but more on that later as I have noticed that for an Imperial planet, it's oddly short of Imperial citizens so think the next force I am going to have to work on is the Governor General's personal troops, some PDF guards, mercenaries, smugglers and all manner of criminal riffraff to make things a bit more interesting!

Eldar raid an industrial site

I think I am going to make a few small purchases to get said forces going as well as trying to source some civilian figures to make things a bit more interesting but in the meantime, All the best!

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  1. All very well executed indeed but I think the half buried alien head statue is my favourite.