Monday, 14 December 2015

Epic Squat Force Takes Shape


I've been slowly working on my Epic Squat force for a while and thought I'd share a couple of pics of progress thus far!

 A Squat force taking up positions near an industrial site

At present I have still to add another squad of warriors to bulk up the infantry platoon to full strength and need to put together an infantry command team which is currently primed and awaiting paint but I do like how they are turning out thus far!

 Fast attack formation

I have plans to add some fast wheeled vehicles to the unit to allow the force to move and deploy quickly before I move onto painting up some heavy tanks and artillery to give me some heavy hitters too. I suspect some of the old plastic Ork Battlewagons will be converted for use as a rapid strike vehicle once the big skull has been removed from the front...

Warrior Platoon with Thudd Gun support

I also have enough plastic Thudd Guns and Mole Mortars to provide a rather decent light artillery section should I wish to and even have an airship lying around waiting paint so I will have some Overlord support too!

I've also been thinking about what sort of game I want to play with my slowly expanding forces. Much as I'd love to play vast games of 2nd edition Epic, I don't have nearly enough space for such an endeavour so have been pondering using Epic 40k as a basis for some smaller scale games.

Epic 40k

For those not in the know, Epic 40k was the third and least popular edition of the Games Workshop's Epic game. Doing away with much of the crunch of individual weapons fire, formation cards and whatnot, Epic 40k was a fun and streamlined game that I really enjoyed but seems to have been reviled by most in the gaming community which is a real shame as it's rather good.

With this in mind, I have perused through the old issues of Firepower magazine and found the Squat list but a brief peruse leaves me thinking I may need to tinker with it a bit as there's several bits and bobs missing that I feel would suit the Stunties at war.

The general plan from here is to build up some small formations of 2-300 points each and play out a game or two and see how things go. I will be using the 2nd edition 40k codexes as a guide too with Characters, Squads and Support being taken into account and must admit that I am finding the whole process rather fun too and there may even be a weird 2nd edition 40k sub game played out in tiny scale at some point too but we shall see!

In the meantime, All the best!

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