Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Warzone 15: Bio-Giant!


I've decided to have a bash at creating my own Warzone forces in 15mm scale and have started with the terrifying Bio-Giant!

Bio-Giants are hideous, towering creatures of death and destruction. Standing up to 30 feet high, these huge monsters are produced in the vats of the Citadels, molded and stitched together by Tekrons. They often lead wave assaults against enemy fortifications. The earth shakes beneath their thunderous trad, and their booming voices are so deep they resonate at sub-audible frequencies. Although slow-seeming and clumsy, the very sight of these towering, undead monsters strikes terror into the hearts of even the boldest.

Bio-Giants resemble gigantic, war-scarred humanoids, their flesh covered in a patchwork of stitches and sutures. Often great spikes protrude from their flesh. They are immensely strong, immensely stupid and immensely tough. Often limbs are hacked away at the elbows and replaced with huge weapons such as chainsaws and heavy machine-guns. Particularly massive Bio-Giants need huge armoured exoskeleton harnesses to enable them to support their own weight.

The miniature itself was sculpted several years ago by myself and cast as part of the 15mm.co.uk Star Vikings range and I got a couple of casts. Looking back, it was a rather rough sculpt so I reworked it a bit, bulking out the arm, resculpting a hand and adding some armoured plates here and there as well as making the face a bit more ugly.

I am rather pleased with the results as the Bio-Giant stands roughly 45mm tall and painted up quite well, I even added some veins on his gut next to the rather painful looking cables and added a load of grubby washes to make him look like some sort of unfinished creation of a mad genius. I have a second one sat in my bits box and may convert him to represent another monstrous beast at some point in the future.

Now to find some suitable Legionnaires and Necromutants...

Handily he also works well in 28mm scale as a hefty mutie!

All the best!

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