Friday, 29 August 2014

Space Zombies!


Following on from my Warzone post, I felt the urge to pick up the sculpting tools and have created some space zombies!


They are rather on the upper end of the scale at 18mm tall or there abouts and I have a few more bits and bobs needing finishing which I will post up here once they are finished. I have experimented with trying to get a bit of movement into the sculpts rather than the more static poses I usually produce and am really rather proud of the little chaps. I still need to add some fine detailing such as gun barrels and so on but rather like them!

In other news, I am still conflicted over whether I should go for some classic Warzone, new Warzone or just use the 15mm stuff I've been sculpting. Each option has its pros and cons but I shall continue to mull it over and hope to have come to some sort of solution by the end of the weekend but must admit to have been sorely tempted by the oldschool charms of the classic (and often a bit special) 1st edition Warzone stuff!

All the best!

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