Saturday, 30 August 2014

Olof "Gunnie" Gunnesson


Well I'm back from work and have a bit of a surprise post to make.

Following my rant about the lack of good science-fantasy ranges, I got an email from a nice chap called Stewart who just so happened to have sculpted a range of post modern/high fantasy figures (think AD&D and move it to the end of the 21st century!) and he offered to send me some casts to paint.

Jumping at the chance to paint such an interesting range, I agreed and within 24 hours, a small parcel arrived on my doorstep. Upon opening it I found a rather wonderful range of figures and set about painting the first of them, the aptly named Olof "Gunnie" Gunnesson:


Armed with a cyber arm and grenade launcher, Olof is a really nice little sculpt with plenty of character that was a real joy to paint up and will be getting added to my Squats at some point!

Leather jackets need skulls for the true biker look!

Stewart has lots more figures planned and hopes to launch the range itself next year and I will be painting up a few figures a week of the stuff he's kindly donated to preview the brilliantly off the wall range (hint, there's even a Dwarven camera man in it!)

All the best!

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  1. This is Stewart, the mini is 15mm scale (I think he's around 10mm foot to eye).

    He looks great, I love the old school vibe of the paint job!! I doff my cap to you sir!!