Thursday, 28 August 2014

The MoFA Freedom Mobile!


Well I'm just back from work in time to get some quick pics of the Mollusc Freedom Alliance's battlewagon, The Freedom Mobile!

 The Freedom Mobile!

In keeping with the MoFA's tendency to burst into enthusiastic but ineffectual action, I thought they could do with a properly ridiculous method of transportation and eventually spotted this little chap at the local supermarket.

What could be more suitably bonkers for a bunch of crazed Octopoids to drive around than an oversized Reliant Robin with a supercharged engine!

Conversion work was minimal. Other than adding a quick hatch with crewman and a stupidly big engine, all I did was to cut off the back running rig thingy and applied a suitably beaten up paintjob.

I must admit I really like the madness of it and am on the lookout for a second to convert at some point. Ruleswise, its classed as tracked but with a jump pack and armed with a heavy stubber as I imagine it wheelieing madly around the place before taking off or exploding spectacularly which is just what you need to liven things up in a good scenario based game.

I have the vague idea of creating a second, rival Octopoid organisation, equally inept to really mix things up a bit but thats for another day!

All the best!

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