Saturday, 16 August 2014

Lucius Goldburg and Co


I've got my folks visiting this afternoon so not much time to get any painting done but last night I did manage to finish reworking the bases for my villains and even finish a couple of bits and bobs that have been languishing in the almost finished pile for far too long!

Lucius Goldburg, Notorious Crimelord and Henchmen

I've always been a fan of the evasive Abdul Goldburg from the Rogue Trader scenario generator so decided to field his equally villainous brother, Lucius. I plan on using him a bit like Jabba the Hutt having gathered a crew of alien scum and running much of the organised crime in the Farpoint sector.

Next up we have several additions to the crew in the form of an Eldar mercenary:

This is a figure and its one of the worst figures I've painted in a while. The detail is rough, the design dull and all in all its no wonder its been sat in my bits box for over five years! I think if I was to do him again, I would go for some fairly major conversion to get him looking more the part of a rogue Eldar but he will do as is to represent a hired gun for the crew.

Next up theres the Loot!

Money makes the world go round...

These are a couple of rather shifty looking punks who can be used as looters but they currently carry Lucius's cash and as such are fitted with explosive implants to stop them moving more than a few feet from the cash and Lucius.

The Crew So Far

I do like the eclectic looking mob as it stands but need to add some more hired guns to the mix to flesh out the force a little. I also need to find a suitable transport of delight for the notorious crime kingpin to ride around in and suspect that I will be making use of the Tron Legacy limo I picked up in poundland a few years back!

Next up, I finished a few salvage markers for Star Mogul or any other game requiring an objective for that matter.

Handily they are multi scale so can be used in 15mm or 28mm with ease and are made from an assortment of bits and bobs that I had kicking around. I plan on making several more at some point including one or two larger ones but thats for another day!

Lastly, I finally got round to putting together some carnivorous Sand Clams in true Oldschool Rogue Trader fashion!

Made from a few shells picked up on the beach the other week, a little bit of wire and putty and painted very quickly they look rather good even if I do say so myself. I need to make about a dozen more to add random events to scenarios and may well add a few more tentacles and maybe a really big fellow too! 

I can just imagine a scenario where rival forces have been hired to harvest a few of the creatures for a decadent bunch of nobles who like eating really exotic food. Throw in conservationist hippy types and maybe even some indignant local tribals who revere the beasts and shenanigans may be afoot!

All the best!

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