Friday, 15 August 2014

Prince Rupert's Space Marines


Following on from my post yesterday, I've begun work on Prince Rupert's retinue which includes a squad of space marines and a few lackies and hangers on to brighten things up and generally get in the way or make for an interesting scenario.

 Prince's Bodyguard and Regular Trooper

I had originally planned on giving them white armour but rather liked the grey colour and settled on it instead. The addition of the yellow backpack does kind of give the impression that they are Space Wolves but are instead the Princes personal bodyguards. The only downside is the fact that it takes quite a while to layer up the greys to get the finish I want.

The figures are really nice to paint but do have rather odd proportions (the trooper on the right could probably touch his toes without bending!) but have a nice combination of medieval and high tech that makes them perfect for Space Marines!

 Detail Shot!

I decided to make the axe wielding marine a bit more fearsome looking by adding jagged teeth to his helmet, much like that seen on fighter planes and rather liked how it turned out!

Finally, no force is complete without its own set of wheels so I painted up another of the Mechwarrior Darkage plastics from my bits box and voila, a perfectly acceptable fast attack buggy in 15mm scale.

Land Speeder

In other news, I am rebasing some of my older 15mm scale figures, namely these chaps:


I had been planning on using them to play out some skirmishes on Farpoint using Rogue Trader but I just didn't like my basing of them, especially compared to my newer stuff. I had wondered about adding some static grass but I have been unimpressed with the results on some of my other figures so have sculpted on rock outcrops instead which looks so much better and makes them appear to be standing on something other than a pile of sand! All being well, I should have about a dozen sorted out by end of play today and will try and get some quick pics tomorrow!

In a more general perusal of the various excellent blogs, I've also been perusing THIS TOPIC over on Somewhere The Tea's Getting Cold and THIS TOPIC by Demi Morgana, both of which are rather inspirational for different reasons. One covers a very ambitious plan to collect an army based on the Fighting Fantasy books and is making me really hanker after starting a themed force for fantasy in 28mm scale (something I must resist!) and the other covers painting up of some of the classic Warzone miniatures which is making me want to peruse the interwebs for some of those chunky figures of my own to paint (equally something I must resist!)

Its one of the pleasures and perils of reading hobbyist blogs! I always find myself inspired to have a bash at doing something similar and adding to the leadpile but for the time being, I am finding my current project is holding my interest so fingers crossed, I will be able to resist the temptation to try something different!

All the best!

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