Wednesday, 14 May 2014



Following from my haul from my recent show visit, I find myself with a few bits and bobs extra that I am wanting to trade away!

Looking at my collection at present, I have rather a lot of fantasy gubbins and assorted 40k stuff that I don't really have any need for. I want to concentrate my efforts to painting up some stuff that I enjoy and even getting some warbands put together.

I hope to sort out a load of pics of what's up for trade but I am after some of the following gubbins:

Void and Metropolis Viridians, Syntha, Junker or Koralon and Kryomek and Nexus troops.

If anyone has any bits and bobs to trade, give us a shout and I shall see what I can do!

All the best

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  1. I have 2 or 3 Nexus Cyclos troopers unpainted going spare. Would be after Epic bits and pieces or 40k Squats