Thursday, 1 May 2014

Award of Unexpectedness!


I seem to have gotten myself nominated for a Liebster Award by Mattias Darrow (check his blog HERE by the way as its full of awesomeness!)

I must admit I find myself constantly astounded that folks are willing to put themselves through the torment of reading my ramblings but thanks to everyone who does and I'm secretly pleased that folks find it at least mildly enjoyable stuff!

Looking at previous nominations, it looks like I now need to find 11 true things about myself, answer 11 questions posed by my nominator and then nominate a further 11 deserving mortals with 500 or fewer followers with my own questions so without further ado, onto the cabalistic mumblings of truth!

The Truth!

1. I work in a bookshop and have for almost my entire working life.

2. I have a penchant for very bright Hawaii shirts.
3. I may have a man crush on Brian Blessed, despite having met him and found him mildly terrifying in real life!

4. I have worked on a feature film involving pirates.
5. I wish I could build my own house and live off the land but am too bone idle and inept to actually do it and would probably a, freeze to death and/or starve (or possibly be crushed by my poorly built hovel)
6. I threw out my entire miniatures collection (Old School and all!) on orders from my parents during my teens.
7. I fidget and am utterly incapable of sitting still, much to my girlfriends annoyment.
8. I fear scary movies but then watch them and then can't sleep at night, much to my girlfriends amusement.
9. I am the owner of a great big bushy beard.

10. I am often mistaken for Alan from the Hangover, much to my chagrin.
11. I am terrified of spiders.

The Questions!

1. What brought you to create your blog?

I must admit I've started and shut down several blogs down the years, usually based on different projects but set this up to cover my stream of gibbering consciousness and as something to motivate me to actually do something with my hobby.

2. What are your most important influences?

I'm a child of the 80's so cheesy action movies, Rogue Trader and fantastic art! I'm also heavily influenced by cartoons and cake.

3. What is the most important hobby, gaming or blogging tip you would impart to a beginner?

Enjoy your hobby! Don't worry about what anyone else thinks, use whatever you want and play/collect and play for fun, not to destroy your foes and crush them underfoot!

4. What is your favourite gaming text of all time?

Difficult question! I must admit I have a genuine soft spot for the old Leviathan ruleset and Kryomek (not to mention Chronopia, Warzone and Vor: The Maelstrom) but of the lot, I think that Warzone 1st edition was probably the best as it was the first non GW game I found and the background and rules and even the chunky figures were utterly fantastic, presenting an utterly different idea of a game to the likes of what GW was turning into.

5. What is the common fantasy or gaming trope that annoys you the most?

The insistence that all fantasy settings must be set in a faux medieval Western European world with evil Orcs and Goblins fighting good Humans, Dwarves and Elves. There's literally a million other ways of doing things so theres no need to re-hash Tolkeins stuff anymore. Similarly why must elves always be noble and Dwarves dying out or Orcs always evil? It makes my blood boil I tell you!

6. What is the best sentence you have ever read? Or, if you can't think of a particular line, what is the best book?

I must admit the best sentence comes from the best book which is Space Captain Smith by Toby Frost. I can't quite remember what the context was but it revolves around a lack of moral fibre (due to a lack of tea drinking) and someone being Flaccid of upper lip. It caused an uncontrollable outburst of the guffaws on a packed bus, much to the consternation of the other passengers.

7.What music do you listen to, man?

My musical tastes revolve around 2 ideals, the 80's and Cheese! Oft derided but unrepentant, I love the stuff and will happily bellow along to it whilst driving!

8. Are you as burnt out on these questions as I am?

NEVER! Bring it on!

9. I don't know, favourite sandwich topping?

Ham, Lettuce, Cheese, Cucumber and Beetroot! Mouthwatering goodness every time!

10. Who's your favourite wizard?

Archchancellor Ridcully from the Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork. The man is a champ! None of this questing with rings or boy wizard nonsense!

11. How about your favourite sidedness of dice, and I guess, why?

D20 I suppose. Its pleasing on the eye...

The Chosen Ones (Apologies If You've already been nominated!)

Kings Miniatures An utterly amazing collection of paintjobs and articles from a chap Down Under!
The Chicken Ninja's Blog Beautiful paintjobs, a quirky approach and loads of inspiring stuff.
Tiny Solitary Soldiers An utterly brilliant blog that shows how good 15mm scale gaming can look!
Scatterbrained Wargamer Great fun and with an eclectic selection of stuff too!
Spaceman Spiff A fantastic collection of 10mm scale stompy robots that just keeps going from strength to strength.
Imitation of Life Another brilliant and eclectic mix of scales, projects and conversions!
Imp522's Miniature's Adventures  I am in awe of just how much Imp manages to paint!
Last Chance War A blog which combines beautifully painted miniatures and awe inspiring scenics.
It's Them! Blast 'Em! Take a peek at a true master of scratch building and converting!
The Owlbears Lair I originally stumbled over this blog a few years back and it's chock full of great stuff!
Death of a Rubricist A great mash up of old and new GW stuff that really showcases an original talent!

Answer me these questions 11!

1. What inspired you to start up your blog?
2. What is your favourite miniature of all time?
3. What do you enjoy most about your hobby? Be it painting, converting, collecting or gaming!
4. What inspires you?
5. What book/movie or computergame deserves its own miniatures range?
6. What was the first miniature you can remember buying and do you still have it?
7. Do you think that CG designed miniatures will replace traditional sculpting?
8. Do you lick your paintbrushes?
9. What fad in miniatures do you find most annoying?
10. Who is your favourite Wizard?
11. Which would win in a fight? A shark or a bear?

Huzzah! I actually managed to complete it and can now pass the buck onto someone else!

All the best!

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  1. Well done, Smith! It's great to learn some more about you:
    "I may have a man crush on Brian Blessed, despite having met him and found him mildly terrifying in real life!" Only mildly terrifying? He might be the most frightening man alive. But I guess that's part of his appeal...

    "It makes my blood boil I tell you!" Me too, friend. Me too.