Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Spoils of War!


Well I am back from Carronade and must say I've had a rather interesting day! We got to Falkirk at around 11am, just about an hour after the show opened and despite the plentiful parking, it all seemed a little chaotic as there was nobody in charge from the show to direct the increasingly snarled jam in the car park. Similarly when I finally managed to get a space and headed for the entrance along with a herd of like minded geeks, it became clear that the front door was closed and no hint of where to actually get in was visible.

Handily the show itself was rather good once we all found our way in and the bring and buy stalls were the place to be and I found the following old school goodness:

Coming in at between 50p and £2.00 per figure, I picked up some proper old school goodies including some Harlequins (admittedly in need of a little TLC), some of the old Confrontation Tech Gangers, some Arbites, Rogue Trader era Imperial Guard and even a coven of Cultists and a first rendition of a Necron!

I also stumbled over a copy of the Epic 40k rules for a tenner which I was quite chuffed with and if I had more pennies, I could have picked up some old Epic Eldar Knights, Necromunda gangs, one of the classic plastic boxes of Marauder beastmen (it was £4.00 but I was only after 40k stuff) and one chap was selling an unpainted Dwarf slayer army that must have consisted of about a hundred of the stunties for £120!

Interestingly many of the figures up for trade were plastic and tyranid in character but there were some real bargains to be had. I must admit I gave the traders and games on display a bit of a wide berth as it was utterly packed in the halls!

On the way back, we took the scenic route and took in the sights of Fife including a rather nice field of Daisies and some escaped chickens from a free range farm cannibalising one of their own who had been killed by a passing car...

Surprisingly this gives me an idea for a scenario!

All the painted lead will be going into a bath of Dettol and I hope to get some painting done!

All the best!

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  1. Wow, thats a great haul! Loads of cool stuff.

    If that duplicate Arbite with the shotgun is up for trade then give me a shout :)