Saturday, 17 May 2014

Project Catachan


I've finally finished sorting through my assorted boxes of bits and have discovered my long forgotten Catachan Jungle Fighters!

I must admit I was never too keen on the paintjobs I did on them and finding the rest of the unpainted ones inspired me to give these chaps a much needed dip in dettol and set about repainting them to a more satisfactory finish.

You may remember I gave this chap a test scheme a couple of months ago:

I must admit I far prefer the warmer and brighter colours on him than those I had on the older Catachans so will be settling for this kind of finish for all of them!

Looking at numbers, I currently have enough to field a command section and two understrength squads. Not exactly a huge force, but one that is perfect for a skirmish game of Rogue Trader. About the only thing the squads do need is some heavy weaponry. I currently have a Viridian Commando Chaingunner to act as a heavy bolter proxy as well as a flamer and a plasma gun but am on the lookout for something a bit more portable than the 2nd edition wheeled heavy weapons that the Catachans were released with.

I can't imagine it fits too well with their rapid movement through deathworld jungles for them to have to trundle along a ten foot long las cannon or similar piece of ordinance. Instead I am on the lookout for suitable proxies which actually look suitable for the battlefield of the future. Thats not to say I don't have a use for the heavier weapons though as I am going to be using the one wheeled carriage I have to represent a support gun!

 I am struck between the similarity of the Catachans and Nexus marines from Kryomek so will be using whatever suitable elements I can from there as well, not to mention some Elites such as the famed Blood Berets:

Hopefully I will get one or two bits and bobs painted and who knows, I may even be tempted to construct some suitable scenery for them!

All the best!

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  1. Absolutely lovely camo. Really looks good. Looking forward to seeing some more of these - and perhaps a battle report? Very nice painting indeed.