Thursday, 29 May 2014

Dread Captain Midas Blackstar


Just a quick update with a picture of the new captain of my Space Pirate crew, Dread Captain Midas Blackstar!

Once a corsair of some repute, Midas has become a bloody handed terror following an unfortunate incident with a boobytrapped treasure chest. The ensuing explosion blasted Midas with molten golden shrapnel and ruined his once proud Eldar looks and crippled his left arm. 

Driven insane by the agony of his wounds and the disgust at the ruin done to his once fine form, Midas vanished from known space. Within the last year, rumours have begun circulating that a new and terrible threat has appeared amongst the trading lanes of the Farpoint sector. Within the course of six months, over twenty ships have been pillaged, their crews slain or captured and their cargo stolen.

It was the last, desperate transmission of the Imperial Merchantman, the Flagstaff that it became clear that Midas had returned. Somehow, despite the crippling injuries, the Dread Pirate Midas Blackstar survived and with his ship, the Hand Of Gold has returned to the Imperium to wreak a bloody revenge. 

Subsequent enquiries by the Inquisition and Imperial Investigators has discovered the terrible fate of those unfortunate to become captives of the Dread Pirate. Blackstar has formed an unholy alliance with the ancient and evil Pharon and has supplemented his income by selling his captives to the Pharon as slaves and sacrifices to their dread god. In return, Blackstar has been given access to arcane weapons and forbidden technology which supports his ruined body and twisted soul.

Of late, the Hand of Gold has been reported cruising near the frontier world of New Viridia and Imperial agents speculate that Midas is looking for something deep in the steaming jungles amongst the savage Orkish sacred lands.

Game wise, Midas Blackstar is an Eldar hero, armed with a las pistol and bionic left arm giving the Midas touch the ability to punch through reinforced ceramite armour and is also adorned with all manner of concealed weaponry and makes a good villain for my Imperial troops to fight against!

Hopefully I will have one or two more pieces to add in the coming days to round out the crew but in the meantime, all the best!

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  1. Thats a very cool corsair model, I love it!

    Where does it come from? I recognise the splinter pistol, but not the rest of the model.