Sunday, 27 May 2012

Project Overview


Well I am back from a very long weekend at the MCM in London and I thought it was high time I actually put my thoughts into order!

Over the last week or so I have posted a fair amount of bits and bobs, usually starting off a new project or jabbering enthusiastically about what I plan on doing. Sadly theres not been much meat on the bones of these posts so I am going to write a bit of an overview of my projects and what I am actually going to do!

6mm Sci-fi

I have actually been cracking on with this project and have now painted everything I can as I have run out of bases! I still have plenty of vehicles and mechs to work my way through so from that perspective I still have lots to keep me entertained.

Sadly despite a thorough search I am yet to find a reasonable number of infantry figures to go along with it so all my forces are decidedly lacking in the required so I may yet have to place a small order for a pack or two of infantry to complete them.

I've got a couple more bits and pieces finished for the project and will take photos in the morning with details but can't do more until my base drought has been sorted.

15mm Classic Orks

This is my new project, inspired by seing some of the fantastic work folks in the wargaming community hace done in converting and playing Gorkamorka. I have plenty of ideas but have yet to sort out the actual sculpts. I will however be getting the armatures sorted out in the morning so I can actually make a start on the project.

I am really looking forward to the project and hope to have the first members of the Goff force ready for paint soon!

Paint a Leadpile Challenge!

This is possibly my most ambitious project as I have a small pile of figures gathering dust that needs painting. Work has already begun with the completion of a Rogue Trader era Ork and near completion of an equally old school Eldar. As always I will post pictures upon completion but I must admit its nice to have some real variety to choose from.      

I do have to order a few bits and bobs though! Looking at my stock I need to pick up some essentials, namely more of the lipped bases, more brushes as mine have finally given up the ghost and finally some 6mm oddments to give me a more rounded out force.

All told I suspect I will need to spend a good £20 getting all these vital pieces but once I am sorted I will be able to crack on with the painting! All in all I am keeping to my budget of zero and only ordering vital gubbins that will allow me to get on with the job at hand and its somewhat refreshing to be finally clearing my lead heap too!

All the best!

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