Wednesday, 16 May 2012

6mm Scale Update


Well its been a busy week or so. I have been working on two commissions, preparing a host of sculpts and artwork for the upcoming MCM in London and even had a little time to work on painting up some of the 6mm scale bits I have had kicking around for an age!

Sadly I haven't had chance to get any pictures yet but will take some as soon as I have them all finished (I only have two biker stands and a light APC to go!) I must admit I have really put some effort into the little vehicles, both with painting and basing and have found it to be a rather relaxing subject to work on while waiting for putty to cure and primer to dry.

Sadly all good things come to an end and as I have nearly finished everything I have to hand I will need to have a look to see what else I can paint. This brings me to my next subject, Battletech!

Ever since I read the old third edition rulebook I have loved the background but not had any time for the over complex and ponderously slow rules and with the possibility of using a version of Song of Blades as a ruleset I have been poring over my old books and found my old and battered copy of the Mercenaries Handbook:

Dating from the early days of Battletech its got some lovely retro artwork and some interesting ideas on the Inner Sphere and how wars should be fought in the Battletech universe.

Wilsons Hussars Lieutenant Paula Stilson

One of the most interesting sections in the book covers the rather ramshackle mercenary outfit Wilsons Hussars, a group of rather out of luck mechwarriors whos mechs are so beaten up they are all but inoperable.

 Wilsons Hussars

Now I must admit I do love an underdog so have decided my next small force will be the Hussars from the 3020s at the low point of their careers. I will be cheating slightly and using whatever mechs and vehicles I can lay hands on rather than slavishly sticking to the background but think it could be fun to paint up a few beaten up machines for my Company troops to fight.

Wilsons Hussars Team Members

Hopefully I will have chance to get some pics taken of my work in progress but it may be a while till I get the opportunity to get it all finished. I will however try and get some images of my current force taken over the next day or so followed by a bit of a tech manual covering their stats in Song of Blades and a bit about my rule bodging!

All the best!

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