Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Goff Ork Warband Part 1 UPDATE


Well I have finally had chance to start work on the first of my Goff Orks and have started with the boss himself and his retinue.

Before I started I had a sit down and think about how I was going to do it and what rules I would use. I settled on the tried and true old school classic Rogue Trader and its accompanying volumes Ere We Go and Freebooterz as the Orks have buckets of character in the game which should result in some really characterful forces.


I started out by choosing a core 500 point force for me to be getting on with which can be expanded at a later date once I have the initial lot finished. I used my old copy of Ere We Go as it contains all the rules and armylists needed to play a Goff warband.

Rather unusually for an armylist one is never quite sure what their characters are going to be armed with as instead of choosing specific items of wargear, the Ork character gets to roll a random chart to see what they end up with.

Following this procedure I came up with the following:


1 Ork Warboss Lugrippa Gorebad

Weapons: Chainsword, Powersword, Goo Bombs and Kustom Flamer (+4" range, D6 Dam, 3" radius)
Armour: Power Armour and Konverter Force Field.

Nob Retinue

1 Clanboss Guffdregg

Weapons: Plasma Pistol, Powersword and Meltabombs
Armour: Power Armour

1 Bigboss Facebiter

Weapons: Powerglove and Heavy Plasma Gun
Armour: Power Armour

3 Bosses Grumm, Grimm and Grung

Weapons: Bolt Pistols and Axes
Armour: Power Armour


1 Bigmob of 10 Orks led by Guffdregg

Weapons: Bolt Pistols, 1 Heavy Bolter and 1 Missile Launcher
Armour: Flak

1 Goff Mob of 5 Orks

Weapons: Bolters, 1 Missile Launcher with Krak Missiles

As you can see the random roll resulted in some really unusual weapons and equipment for the command troops with my leader being armed with two swords and a really nasty flamer and my heavy weapon Nob getting a powerfist!

Oddly I dont mind the sheer randomness of it as it gives each model that bit more character and will make them more interesting to sculpt. Its also interesting to note that 500 points of Orks results in a mere 21 models which is somewhat different than the hordes that is needed these days.

I must admit that the temptation is there for me to attempt the force in 28mm scale using the current plastics and convert/resculpt them as required as I suspect with a simple headswap one could get the desired result. The other option is to start looking out for old school figures to work on so I am off to my local hobby shop to rummage around and see what I can find!

All the best!


Well I have been down to my local game store in Gosport, TN Books and Wargames, and was aghast to find out its closed down! This is really sad news as it was pretty much the last independent shop in the area and had a great stock of second hand figures.

Still I take this as an omen that I should keep to 15mm scale at present and will continue sculpting and enjoying them! I do still want to have a bash at the project in 28mm scale but will have to wait for the time being!

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