Saturday, 19 May 2012

More 6mm Scale and Frugal Gaming Ponderings!


Well I only have two more bases to finish and I will have my first force ready to go! Sadly I currently dont have any infantry to go along with them other than a couple of bases of Mechwarrior Darkage battle armour and some old Imperial Guard Bikers so will need to pick up some so I can round off the force for the time being.

Next up will be some Battletech mechs as I have a load of the plastic ones that came with the starter set along with one or two I have collected over the years. I must admit I am not looking forward to it too much as they are made from a sort of plastic that is a nightmare to clean (a process that is vital on the figures as theres tons of mould lines marring the models)

Still once they are cleaned they do paint up alright. Heres a Spider mech I painted a couple of years back:

Pirate Spider Mech

Having looked through the pile of bits I have I've found that I have got enough to represent one lance of four mechs for each of the five great houses and enough left over to cover Wilsons Hussars too which is handy.

The colour scheme was inspired by some 28mm scale stuff I did while still in Dundee:

I must admit I would love to collect up some old school 28mm sci-fi figures at some point but just dont have the time to even think about it at present. I do have a fair few bits and bobs kicking around which would allow me to paint up a squad or two of Imperial Guard which may eventually result in some Rogue Trader games but thats a long, long way off!

I have also been casting a nostalgic eye over Epic which is always dangerous as the last time I did that I ended up with a giant Squat force:

 Converted Squat APCs

 Squat Biker Brotherhood

 Squat Exo Armour and Droids

Squat Infantry 

Squat Superheavy Tanks

Sadly I sold them all off several years back when I went off to university and dont have the playing surface required to play Epic either but I have been pondering getting a few Squats at some point to allow me to game them in smaller numbers...

Still I must be strong and save the pennies so no buying of stuff for the moment!

I have spent some time going through my much depleted lead mountain (now more of a small box) and realised that I have some rather nice bits and bobs and am formulating a bit of a plan about what to do with all of it.

In the past I have sold stuff off only to come to regret it so think I will instead try and paint it all up. Its a bit of a novel idea for me I must admit as I have the attention span of a goldfish and suffer from the ooh shiny complex so projects tend to start and end randomly and be replaced with the next at an alarming rate. As my gaming budget is currently zero I am going to begin working my way though all my unpainted figures in an attempt to clear the lot.

The only money I am allowing myself to spend on my hobby will be to get bases, putty, brushes and paints as and when required. This should mean that I will be posting fairly regularly with random bits and bobs so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

All the best!

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