Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Catachan Jungle Fighters


Well I have got the ball rolling by sorting through my miniatures and seeing what I have got. The result is 30 Catachan jungle fighters. Sadly over half of them are painted to a really bad standard as I bought them painted off ebay some time ago so are currently in a bag of Mr Muscle oven cleaner to strip but I still have enough to be getting on with!


Sculpted by the Perry brothers, these figures are light years ahead of the truly awful plastic miniatures that players of later editions were inflicted with and have a bit of an Arnie from Predator vibe. Looking at what I have got I will be splitting the force into three squads of 10 and when I get chance I will need to add a few more heavy weapons as at present I only have a single las cannon. Still its enough to make a viable force to play some small games with which is handy!

The next step will be to base them all and for this I will be using the new style lipped bases. I always thought that the use of 25mm bases made figures look a tad precarious and they often overhung the base so am going for more suitably sized bases to use and the lipped bases allow for making small vignettes which will come in handy for a jungle based force.

I have also been re-reading the GW background and think I will be making a few changes as its a bit too dark and depressing with everybody being doomed. Instead what if the 40k universe was more upbeat without the doom and gloom?

Anyhoo enough of my ramblings! I am off to clean and base my figures before priming them ready for paint!

All the best!

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