Monday, 21 May 2012

6mm Scale Mercenary Company


Heres some pics of the force I have been painting up. The vehicles are all Brigade Models SAC while the bikes are old Citadel Imperial Guard and the battle armour is from Mechwarrior!

The Complete Force So Far

APC Variants: Support, AA and Anti Tank 

 Battle Armour and Heavy APC

Battletanks and Assault Gun 

Biker Squads 

 Light APCs 

As you can see the force is a bit of a hodge podge of assorted vehicles and precious little infantry but as they were just what I had lying around in my bits box they dont look too bad together. The assault gun and most of the APC variants are converted as I was either missing barrels or turrets for the original models.

I think the next step would be for me to get some supporting infantry and possibly some sort of VTOL to give me some fast attack options and the ability to capture or hold objectives.

I have also found a couple of squads of old Epic Chaos Squats so painted them up and they may form the basis for some evil raider types for my other force to battle!

Chaos Squats

I think I am going to have to place an order for some more bases, greenstuff and paintbrushes though as I've now run out of bases and my brushes are getting a bit ratty...

Next up I am aiming to get some Mechs done and in keeping with my frugal gaming pledge I have been rummaging my bits box with the intention of painting at least one figure from it each week until its empty and have even got an old Space Ork mostly finished too!


I just played a quick game using Song of Blades as a basis.

The Company Mercenary unit consisted of two bikers, one elite biker, one squad of Castilian battle armour, a command APC and a battletank.

Facing them was a lance of Davion battlemechs consisting of a Cyclops, a Dervish, an Assassin and a Clint.

The mechs took the initiative and pushed forwards towards the mercenary deployment zone where the Assassin traded fire with the merc battletank until a shot from the mechs main gun hammered home causing damage.

Sadly this was the high point for the Davion mechs as the bikers hurtled out amongst them causing a nuisance while the command APC swung its missile pod to face the Assassin mech. The resulting explosion knocked the mech off its feet and before it could recover was swarmed under by the Castilian battle armour squad.

Meanwhile the mechs had abominable luck and only managed to force back or pin down the mercs before the command APC duelled the Davion Cyclops and knocked it over with a well placed rocket to the mechs leg. Before the pilot could recover the APCs autocannon blasted a neat hole in the mechs cockpit. At this the surviving mechs pulled back to regroup.

Sadly I didn't take any photos as the mechs are unpainted but worry not as I will post a full report of the refight with photos as soon as I have them painted!

All the best!

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