Saturday, 26 May 2012

Classic Orks!


A few years back I made a rather half hearted attempt at collecting a classic Ork force using the old Freebooterz, Ere We Go and Rogue Trader books as a basis.

I know a lot of folks didn't like the cartoony clans that GW developed towards the end of first edition and 2nd edition of Warhammer 40k but they always struck a chord with me. Perhaps it was the fantastic artwork by Paul Bonner, one of my favorite artists or the characterful miniatures sculpted by Kev Adams or the truly random rules but I must admit to being rather fond of them.

 Freebooter Raiders!

Freebooter Mob

Sadly I sold off the vast majority of my collection when the project stalled last time but I am wondering about the possibility of me sculpting up a couple of small forces in 15mm scale to use with a bit of an attempt to play Gorkamorka in 15mm.

The plan is to start by choosing a clan and building a squad and then moving onto another until I cover the Goffs, Bloodaxes, Bad Moonz, Evil Sunz, Snakebites, Deathskullz, Freebooterz and even some more esoteric choices like Genestealer Kults and Rogue Meks too.

I will crack on with sculpting over the next few days and hope to have the first couple of models sorted out and will post an update once I have something to show!

I must admit that I find painting my own sculpts so much more fun than painting other folks, perhaps as I tend to make mine so simplistic so I am looking forward to the project. Before anyone asks though I am not going to be casting them up. It is a personal project done for my own pleasure so please dont expect to see any of them cast and up for sale!

Looking through the books I am also struck by the fact that the later Grimdark was absent from the illustration and its a more light sort of sci-fi fantasy.

Kevin Walker Orks V Marines!

I think I will make a start with the most brutal clan, the Goffs as I like their no nonsense style so will have to see what I can come up with!

All the best!

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