Monday, 21 May 2012

Memory Lane!


I've found myself perusing an old copy of White Dwarf dating from 2nd Edition of Space Marine and it got me thinking of the games I used to play back in the day while I was at high school.

Epic Imperial Guard Army from the WD in Question!

Space Marine 2nd Edition

I used to regularly play against my friend who had literally thousands of 6mm infantry and I must admit the memory was rather a bitter one as I never won a game as my friend insisted on using literally everything he had resulting in 10k plus games and not a single painted figure!

Move on a decade or so and I once again got into Epic, this time Epic 40k, a more simplified and streamlined game than the previous edition, and I must admit, my favorite as you could easily play small to medium sized battles quickly as 2nd edition had books full of special rules and what not while Epic 40k just got on with it. I suspect I am in the minority with my opinions but it got me wondering whether it would be possible to collect  a couple of armies, especially the Orks.

A brief look at Ebay and I was aghast to see that prices had gone up to stupid levels, even from when I last collected epic. Infuriatingly I sold off a huge collection of Epic a couple of years back and have been kicking myself ever since (let that be a lesson to all wargamers; the lead pile should not be sold off!) Even if I proxied the figures I would find myself spending considerable amounts of money which I dont have so I would need to come up with an alternative.

I've already mentioned that I used Song of Blades as the basis for a rather fun game featuring a few stands a side but I want to see if I can find another system that would allow for slightly bigger games without too much complexity. Looking through my collection of rulebooks I happened upon WARGAMES UNLIMITED'S No Limits ruleset.

No Limits

No Limits is a game I have had some experience with in the past and is a totally free game which is even better. Several years back I collected a few armies for it in 28mm scale and even played a few games but never really got stuck into it but looking at the rules now, I think they have some real possibilities for 6mm gaming in a slightly larger scale of conflict than the few stands I used with the Song of Blades conversion.

I am thinking of statting up some of the forces from Epic (namely the Orks to begin with) and slowly aim towards collecting up a small raiding party. I will be sculpting or proxying he vehicles to save money and think I can probably source some infantry without breaking the bank.

Ah, you say, but you were supposed to be cutting off your spending on wargaming. Its true I had hoped to be able to save some pennies but as I really need some infantry anyway I will be on the lookout for some cheap Orks too so I can get my project on track!

Hopefully I will be able to post some updates in the not too distant future too!

All the best!

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