Friday, 2 December 2011

Goblin Progress!


Well I've finally had chance to crack on with painting up some more Goblins!

I've only finished one so far but the rest of the warband are underway so should be making an appearance here over the next few days!

Goblin Archer

I have also been working on a Carnodon riding Goblin to lead the warband and provide some fast moving support:

Carnodon Conversion

I took a Carnodon I had lying around which was missing its rider and sculpted the rider with impressive mace. Its not the best sculpt in the world but should do! In hindsight I should probably have sculpted him with a lance but the mace is more fun looking and he should make for a nice model to paint!

The Carnodon itself had a really bad mould defect in it resulting in its left leg being covered with a big lump of resin which required a fair amount of work to remove and a second defect behind its horn. This gave me the excuse to bulk up his horn a bit as its supposed to be for a leader after all!

Hes eventually going to get a back banner to mark him out a bit and may well get some companions as I suspect he would work best in a pack!

As for 15mm scale, its not been forgotten but I have two sculpting commissions underway at the moment so sculpting time is dedicated to finishing them but worry not! I have a plan to get some stuff sculpted ASAP and now my casting machine has arrived I will be able to mould, cast and sell them once they are finished!

All the best!

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