Sunday, 11 December 2011

Leviathan Terrain Inspiration!


Well I have been busily sculpting some 15mm scale bits and bobs today in preparation for testing out my casting machine in the new year. I am hoping to get about half a dozen sculpts ready to cast and will post a pic of the first two in the morning!

In other news I have been working on some scenery in the form of weird vegetation but am preparing myself to have a bash at creating some proper desert scenery too. As already mentioned I tend to peruse the internet for reference images quite a bit and found some really interesting images that will be forming the basis for my desert/mesa scenery I am planning:

Its got me thinking that I don't need to just use sandy yellows but can use a wide array of reds, greys, browns and white which will make for a far more interesting piece of scenery!

Theres also plenty of opportunity for creating patches of scrub and broken ground which I will be attempting over the coming week and if I get chance I will post some thoughts on terrain making as I bumble my way through the project!

All the best!

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