Monday, 12 December 2011

Progress At Last!


I have finally managed to get some more work done to the small scale side of my Leviathan project!


These are a couple of test pieces I have been working on to provide Marik Goldhelm, my evil sorcerer with some proper evil minions! They are going to be cast at some point in the new year and come equipped with separate weapons as I misjudged the positioning of the arms. I still need to sculpt up their suitably evil shields but the while lot should be sorted and ready by the end of the day!

I have also taken some more pictures of the scenic madness I've been working on:

Marik Goldhelm confronts some Cave Dwellers at an oasis of weird vegetation

Lift Trees and Fungi

The Lift Trees will be mobile in games as they float across the landscape with the breeze resulting in shifting cover which may result in some problems for the forces as it blocks line of sight or the copse of trees they were lurking in drifts away!

The puffball fungus will be another more hazardous obstacle as it has a tendency to explode covering everyone in the vicinity in a cloud of choking spores!

I still need to finish the bases for the weird vegetation and then I will move onto some scrub patches and boulders!

All the best!

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