Monday, 28 November 2011

Leviathan Skirmish Gaming


I've been thinking about the possibility of using the rules from Leviathan as the basis for skirmish gaming. I've been having great fun over the course of the last several months using other rule systems to play games in the Aeroth setting but never really looked into the possibility of the very rules I've been ranting about all this time!

Therefore I am going to bash together a draft version and see what I can come up with as the rules in Leviathan are actually really quite good and I believe they could make an excellent skirmish set with only minor tweaking!

I have rummaged out enough miniatures to allow me to try out some games in 28mm scale and will be cracking on with sculpting and casting some suitable stuff as soon as possible!

I've got enough figures to represent a good sized goblin warband, elves, orcs and even barbarians but am somewhat short of dwarves at the moment so will be sourcing a few more while I develop the project a bit!

Forces will consist of up to 20 figures a side supported by one or two warbeasts. I did consider going for a more Mordheim approach with small groups of adventurers supported by their minions but prefer Necromunda with gangs facing off with their own transport supporting them!

This will allow me to really go to town with conversions and scratch builds as I want to have each figure and creature to look different and unique!

I will be very limited money wise for the project but will be setting a small amount of pennies aside per month to allow me to continue my progress. At present I'm aiming to get the goblins finished before moving onto the elves.

Along side this I hope to be able to actually get some time to sculpt again which will mean my boar company dwarves will be getting cast up along side some new races I've been designing!

All the best!

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