Monday, 19 December 2011



Well I've just finished a load of work for both commissions and show stock and even got the show out of the way now I'm able to get on with some stuff for myself!

Alas as its coming up to Christmas my usual workspace in the conservatory dining room is being used for stuff other than sculpting and painting so I have a sneaking suspicion that my hobby is going to be having a bit of a quiet time over the festive period which is rather infuriating as I really want to get on with some work!

Hopefully I will be able to claw back a little space and time to do some work as I have some interesting updates to get on with. For example I've recently picked up a nice pinboard to use as a base for my vinyl floor tiles which means that they will sit nice and firmly in a recess! Hopefully I will get chance to finish off a load more scenery too followed by some more sculpting!

All the best!

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