Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Terrain On A Budget


Well I've been down to the beach and to a local bargain craft store and picked up some bits and bobs which will be suitable for terrain in my upcoming campaign!

First up I picked up a load of pebbles on the beach which I had originally planned on repainting but looking at it now I think the mixture of colours is far more effective than a single rusty red.

An Orcish patrol is set upon by a Fallen Gloom Hulk in the High Mesa

Some of the pillars make for good shooting positions

Close up of the action

At the bargain shop I picked up a bag of polished black pebbles for the princely sum of £1. I like the look of the shiny rock as it really contrasts the ground colour of the vinyl tiles.

Boar Company battle Elementals in the Mirrorstone Valley

The shiny surface will result in a very hazardous climbing surface for the Dwarves

Another shot of the action

I suspect I am going to pick up some more free pebbles next time I'm down at the beach as they look really rather nice. I may base up some to make a more permanent piece of scenery or just leave them be. I was somewhat concerned that the scale would look out as can often be the case when using pebbles but in the twisted world of Aeroth it looks fine!

I suspect they will be featuring in several upcoming battles as they look rather spiffy! As its the winter in Aeroth I am even considering adding some snow to the board too. The only problem I've had thus far is that the shiny black pebbles are so polished that they wont stack well without slipping.

This gave me a little bit of inspiration making them one of the many anomalies found in the Broken Lands. In this case the black obsidian like rocks have been polished to a mirror like sheen by wind, water and wild magic making them highly sought after but difficult to manoeuvre over without slipping.

I think adding a few obsidian elementals would make for an interesting scenario with treasure hunters battling elementals while trying to loot the valuable rocks!

All the best!

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