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Somewhere on the Border Battle Report!


I recently managed to get another battle report using Song Of Blades and even managed to get a picture or two!

The Scenario

After several weeks recovering from their run in with several goblin tribes the Boar Company is finally on the move. Leaving Dur Zamor behind Grimli leads his men, along with their newly acquired Wildling, Thundergore.

Following rumours of an abandoned mine which still contains precious metals they arrive to find the workings being plundered by the rogue sorcerer Marik Goldhelm, along with a couple of minions. Rushing to attack the nefarious Goldhelm, they are shocked to see the bulky form of a dragon rise from amongst the rocky ground near the mine. Undaunted Grimli orders his troops to engage!

The Forces


1 Dwarf Commander (Grimli) 95
4 Dwarf Warriors 136
1 Dwarf Elite Warrior (Flint) 46
1 Dwarf Skirmisher (Gunnar) 18
1 Wildling 41

326 Points

Evil Doers!

1 Human Warmage (Marik) 45
1 Adult Dragon 218
1 Skeleton Human 28
1 Giant Bat 53

342 Points

The Battlefield

The battlefield consists of a ruined shack in the South alongside rocky ground. To the North the ground is sparsely covered with a mixture of sickly pines and cacti.

The Dwarves deploy in the North in three groups, Flint Leads two Dwarves to the West, the centre is held by Grimli and two more Dwarves, while Thundergore and his keeper Gunnar Ironbreeches deploy to the East next to the copse of trees.

Marik Goldhelm deploys his small retinue in the centre of his board edge to the North, the giant bat flaps lazily over the shack in the West while the dragon sets down amongst the Eastern rock piles.

The Game!

Turn 1 Evil

Confident of his minions abilities, Marik fails to move while sending his skeletal minion towards the rock outcrops to its right.
Meanwhile the giant bat flaps down the left flank towards the Dwarven infantry. Finally he dragon hurls itself down the right flank at high speed towards the Dwarven lines.

Turn 1 Dwarf

Grimli moves forward cautiously while Flint moves towards the dragon taking 2 warriors with him. One Dwarf fails to move, obviously overawed by the presence of the mighty dragon. His companion, obviously keen to impress charges forward towards the giant bat. Finally Gunnar herds Thundergore towards the dragon hoping to show his new commander just what the Wildling is capable of.

Turn 2 Evil

The giant bat continues its movement down the left flank while Marik again fails to activate. His skeletal minion Does better shuffling into the cover of the rock outcrops. Somewhat taken aback by the impertinence of the small force facing it the dragon only manages to move forward cautiously.

Turn 2 Dwarf

With a bellow Thundergore charges the dragon trading blows with the beast without either creature managing to gain an upper hand. Gunnar charges in after his warbeast but is forced to retreat by the huge creatures melee.

Flint hurls himself towards the combat but is just too far away while two Dwarf warriors accompanying him mange to keep pace. Grimli also rushes towards the combat but is likewise too slow and doesn't quite make it.

Meanwhile on the Western flank the forward Dwarf warrior closes the gap between himself and the giant bat while the last Dwarf slowly follows him, for some reason lagging behind his companions.

Turn 3 evil

The dragon stikes at Thundergore forcing the beast back then breathes a jet of flame at Gunnar. Unexpectedly Gunnar is merely forced back by the inferno with a singed beard.

The giant bat attacks the lone Dwarf but is beaten to the ground with a flurry of steel.

Seeing that his creatures aren't fairing too well Marik rushes to catch up with his skeletal minion who in turn continues to shuffle towards the combat that is raging close by.

Wildling and Dragon Square Off!

Turn 3 Dwarves

Undaunted by his near scorching, Gunnar throws a javelin at the dragon but it merely bounces off its scaly hide. Thundergore once again attacks the dragon but is forced to retreat. Grimli bellows his clans battlecry and charges the dragon but is caught a glancing blow by the beasts bony clubbed tail and is knocked down.

Seeing his leader prone before the dragon, Flint swings a mighty blow at the dragon and manages to down it but not cause any lasting damage.The Dwarf warriors charges the dragon but fails to kill it. Inspired by his heroism his two Dwarven companions bravely also rush into the combat but still cant cause any damage.

The Combat on the other flank between Dwarf and giant bat ends with the Dwarf running his sword through the vile creature. The remaining Dwarf summons his courage and hurls himself at Marik.

Turn 4 evil

The dragon thrashes around but can't regain its feet due to the Dwarves swarming over it. Marik summons arcane power and blasts the approaching Dwarf with a bolt of dark energy vaporising him. He then tries to hit Gunnar with a similar bolt but the seemingly indestructible Dwarf merely shrugs it off. Finally the skeletal minion closes with the prone form of Grimli in an attempt to kill the Dwarven commander but runs out of actions.

Turn 4 Dwarf

Seeing the approaching skeletal minon, Grimli lurches to his feet and with a mighy blow cleaves the armoured beast in two.

Flint struggles onto the dragons back and buries his axe into its thick skull, ending its thrashings permanently. He then flings himself off the twitching corpse and at Marik.

Gunnar hurls another javelin at Marik, forcing him back while Thundergore lumbers forward towards the hapless sorcerer. Seeing his position has become untenable Marik takes to his heels!


Despite his unDwarven lack of courage, the Boar Company swears vengeance for their fallen comrade. Marik has escaped and will no doubt plague the Boar Company in the future but is presently too concerned with saving his own skin. Gunnar and Thundergore are hailed as true members of the company for their bravery and Flint gains deserved praise for killing a dragon and is renamed Flint Dragonbane.


Well it was a really fun game and if it hadn't been for their superior numbers the Dwarves would have probably been beaten badly by the dragon. In hindsight it should have spent a turn or two crisping the Dwarves with its breath weapon before closing with the survivors. As it was the dragon just wasn't able to cause any damage.

Man of the Match would have to be Gunnar. He survived a close range blast of dragon fire and a magical bolt in a single game!

Alas most of the pictures I took were too blurry to post but I hope to be able to get some decent shots of the next battle!

In the meantime I have taken a shot of the Gronckyle battling Dwarves in a dying forest:

Dwarf Versus Dragon!

I will try and get another update sorted out ASAP!

All the best!

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