Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sculpting Revisions!


Just a quick update before I head off to work!

I have updated my sculpting lineup a little. The orcs have been removed while I rethink the look I am going for as the existing one just doesn't look right.

In cheerier news I have started work on four Dwarven heavy infantry, two Children of the Worm and finally completed my last Dwarf Hunter!

I am planning on having a sculpting day on Sunday where I will be cracking on with a load of stuff with the aim of completing all my Dwarves and getting all the Children of the Worm done too. Its a bit ambitious but I want to get the first two forces completed as soon as possible so I can get some games in!

After these two forces are done I will be able to move onto something else, namely the sculpts I will be sending to get put into production which is very exciting but more information on that later once I have finalised my designs!

All the best!

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