Thursday, 17 February 2011

A Dragon! Sort of...


I picked this chap up from Tescos for 99p yesterday:

Gronckyle Menaces An Unsuspecting Dwarven Hunter

Its one of the How To Train Your Dragon toys but I think he's just about perfect for 15mm scale gaming. He would also make a good mount for orc or goblin flyers...

Theres a couple of small bits needing filled but his paint job is surprisingly good, in fact I only need to define his teeth a bit and give him a more intimidating set of eyes and he's ready to go.

In fact I am so inspired I will be putting him into action against my Boar Company this weekend in a game of Song Of Blades!

There are several others available in the range but none were in my local store. I am sorely tempted to pick up a couple more if I see them though as they make rather unusual additions to the world of Aeroth and have the visual aesthetic of the Orc warbeasts from Leviathan (ie big and chunky!)

All the best!

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