Friday, 10 July 2015

The Boar Company Rides Again!


Well I've been working away on commissions today but had enough time to get these two little chaps finished too:

 Flint and Grimli, Boar Company Heroes

I've been meaning to resculpt my classic Boar Company for a few years now but various other bits and bobs have always intruded in getting them done but my recent excursion into a more stylised sculpting style has persuaded me to have a bash at getting started on them.

First up we have Grimli, the commander of the Boar Company:


A veteran of many campaigns on the wild borderlands of Aeroth, Grimli has formed the Boar Company in order to patrol the borders of the Dwarven holds and ensure that the Orcish hordes don't break through the Axeblade Mountains and into the lands beyond.

Next up there's Flint Dragonbane, the Boar Companies Champion:

 Flint Dragonbane

Flint is Grimli's doughty drinking companion and a bit of a hard case. He gained the name of Dragonbane after single handedly slaying a rock dragon in combat and in the process, saving Grimli's life and making himself something of a legend along the frontier.

I settled for a non metallic finish on the Dwarves as I wanted to give them a suitable stylised finish and do like how they turned out and think that in future, I will use a similar style with the rest of my forthcoming fantasy gubbins. I think there's a fair amount of bits and bobs that I will be putting together over the next few weeks as the Boar Company expands and the various Denizens of Aeroth start making a bit of an appearance.

Lastly, here's a quick shot of the old and new versions of Flint and Grimli, the smaller scale dating from 2011 and the original Boar Company which are closer to 10mm while the newer ones are closer to 20mm!

Old and New

Anyhoo, I am off to get some more sculpting done! 

All the best!

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