Sunday, 5 July 2015

Painted Stuff!


Well it's another toasty evening here, but I have managed to get a few bits and bobs done over the course of the last week and shock, horror, I've actually finished painting some stuff!

Now I know that plastic figures aren't too popular, but I happened to have a few Mantic Dwarves kicking about from a previous project that went nowhere, so I thought I would have a bash at painting up one of them to ease back into painting.

Satisfied with the finish, I moved onto an old Crucible Dwarf Thunderchief and imagine my surprise when I actually enjoyed painting up the little chap:

Warrior and Thunderchief

Now I seriously suspect that if I want to build and paint an army, as I have mooted, I am going to have to paint it a little bit at a time and intersperse lots of other, different miniatures so that I don't start getting bored. Heeding such sage advice, I rummaged out a plastic GW Savage Orc that was from another unremembered project and slapped on some paint for him too:


Folks may notice he's not green. I went for the reddish brown of an orc native to Aeroth and added a bit of warpaint to liven him up a bit. I also added a top lip to the fellow as I don't really like the lipless grimace of the new GW style Orc. 

Another View

I am now toying with the idea of starting small and building up to larger bands as I go, one of Mountain Dwarves under the command of some of the rather fancy Reaper Bones Giants and a savage Orc warband but no doubt I will find other bits and bobs to paint of a similarly eclectic nature which will result in me pretty much painting whatever I fancy.

If it means I am enjoying myself I don't really care if it takes forever to paint a force!

Until next time, All the best!

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