Sunday, 12 July 2015

Quick Update


It's another lovely day out there but I've been spending my evenings painting my way through some of my lead and plastic pile and just need to sort out a few bases and I will have another small batch of figures done!

The figures in question are Mantic Dwarves and I must admit that I have not really enjoyed the process very much. The sculpts themselves aren't great and some of the detail is rather soft and obscure, especially around the heads which I have found really quite irksome and am looking forward to getting them out of the way to be honest.

More interestingly, I have been working on another SD sculpt, this time Marik Goldhelm, rogue mage and am finding the process far more rewarding. Maybe it's because I sculpted him myself or that the detail is rather more chunky and stylised, but I far prefer sculpting and painting my own gubbins than I do other folks stuff.

I must admit that its rather odd to say the least but I have a sneaking suspicion that there's going to be a lot more self directed sculpts and rather less of working on other miniatures for the time being...

But enough of the navel gazing! I have a bit of a plan that involves my SD figures! I am going to try and sculpt up a couple of warbands worth over the next few weeks and try out a few different rulesets that I have kicking around:

I've had most of these rules for years but have only ever tried out Bladestorm, No Quarter and Song of Blades and that was a couple of years back for the most part so I think it's high time that I got myself sorted out for some skirmish gaming with an eye towards playing out a campaign somewhere on the border.

With that in mind, I will be posting semi regular sculpting and painting updates as I begin to assemble my forces before moving onto a series of games featuring reviews of each ruleset and full battle reports. I have two weeks off in August so the aim is to get the campaign run over that period with at least a couple games of each of the rulesets which should give me a decent feel for the rules and how well they play.

I plan on also sculpting up a few random encounters, be it wandering monsters or beasts as well as a few NPC's as well as I am finding the experience of once again simply sculpting for fun and painting the little chaps is rather rewarding too and seems to be breathing a much needed bit of fresh air into my hobby!

My only concern at present is that I don't actually have a decent surface to play on so will also be attempting to sort out a gaming mat of sorts (probably more vinyl tiles) as well as some suitable scenic madness. I've set myself quite the challenge but look forward to blogging my progress as I go and hopefully I will succeed in my target and may even tempt a few other folks to try out something other than the various GW and Oldhammer rules families.

If all goes well, I will continue working my way through my large catalogue of rules and expand the campaign with new forces, characters and whatnot but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself so for the time being, All the best!

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