Friday, 3 July 2015

Age of Sigmar Musings


Well I've had a day off work which was nice as it's been toasty so perfect for a day trip up north. While the weather has been perfect for going out and about, it's less than ideal for painting miniatures but I have had a bit of time to peruse the Age of Sigmar gubbins that are floating around the interwebs at the moment.

After all the outrage that current Fantasy Battle gamers had been expressing following all the initial rumours that were filtering out, it's been really interesting to see the rumours solidifying into more solid details and some pictures arriving too.

Eat Hammer!

While the Worldhammer world was inspired by Tolkien and Moorcock and had a dedicated fanbase, Games Workshop has apparently seen sales fall to such an extent that they felt they only had two options left, one to drop the game entirely or do something arguably more extreme and reboot the game from the ground up. Interestingly they settled on the latter and the new imagery and setting seems to have taken a radical departure from the traditional and gone for something a bit more epic...

Love the Flash Gordon Hawkmen in the background!

If the fairly solid rumours are to be believed, GW really has taken a gamble on this new game with new races, designs, settings and even free rules! I must admit that I am rather interested in the whole business as it's succeeded in actually tempting me to pick up a GW product for the first time in years and it reminds me of a cross between Leviathan, Chronopia and Hordes/Warmachine all mashed up with a bit of classic GW lore. Take a peek at some of the leaked army images:

 Aelf Warhost

Gone are the need for massed regiments of 30+ figures and in are smaller units of 5-10 or there abouts and a rulebook of 4, yes 4 pages. No more need for a massive tome to play and that can be downloaded for free! Gosh!

Oger Horde

While I can totally understand why traditional fantasy gamers may be outraged that their game and setting of choice has been gutted and totally changed but I do think that it's a great chance to pull in new blood and a much needed chance to move the narrative forward. Coupled with free rules that can easily be picked up and played, it's just what I need to get myself back into hobbying. 

I am planning on downloading the rules and warscrolls tomorrow to see what all the fuss is about and see if I can't put together a couple of warbands from the gubbins I have kicking about and then see if I am inspired to paint some stuff up and then get a game or two in and who knows, I may even pick up the starter set as I quite like the look of Sigmarites as they would make perfect Knights of the Eternal Light for Leviathan. 

I will post my progress up over on my Somewhere on the Border blog over the next couple of weeks but till then, All the best! 

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