Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Dwarf Damsel


Just a quick post before I head out to work this morning. In an ongoing effort to paint my way through my leadpile and build a few interesting warbands with the intention of possibly expanding one to actual army size, I found a rather nicely sculpted Dwarf by Hasslefree which I picked up years ago, primed and then abandoned:

 Damsel in Distress

As lovely as the sculpt is, it doesn't match the style of the traditional barrel bodies stunties of classic Citadel and other manufacturers which is why she's sat unpainted for years as she didn't match any other Dwarf in my collection.

Handily she does scale rather well next to the Mantic and Ral Partha Dwarves:

I quite like the idea of making her a spellcaster for my warband, be she Druidess, Mage or Cleric and she will also make a useful NPC for the warband to defend/escort/rescue depending on the scenario and with this in mind, I may add some tufts of flowers to her base to make her stand out a little.

Rummaging through my collection, I have enough Dwarves to make a decent sized warband featuring Warriors with hand weapons and shields and Thunderchief's for a bit of long ranged stopping power but still need some decent characters to lead them into battle. Yes there's the plastic Mantic champions but while I like the Mantic Dwarves for troops, they are a little bit lacking in that visual oomph that makes for a really good and interesting character.

With that in mind, I think I am going to take a peek at Reaper Miniatures offerings to see if I can get two unit leaders and a good character model...

Hopefully I will have some more gubbins painted up soon to add to the collection and will be aiming to try out a small selection of skirmish games and post my experiences with them here.

Till then, All the best!

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