Monday, 10 March 2014

Mutant Hordes?


Well I am going to be shuffling off to bed in a bit but have been playing around with the idea of rolling up some of the rather interesting mutations available in the Rogue Trader rules to provide me with some handy low level villains to menace my Imperial Garrison.

I must admit I have found the change in the way mutants are portrayed in the Rogue Trader universe. In the original rulebook they are unusual and often unfortunate looking as this rogues gallery suggests but they don't seem to be quite so degenerated and scabby as the later versions that can be seen in the likes of Necromunda and Inquisitor.

I find myself sorely tempted to have a bash sculpting up one or two to see how I get on as they would make for a really characterful addition to any small skirmish game, be they pin heads, enormously fat or just have a freakishly squeaky voice!

Thats the joy of the random nature of the charts in Rogue Trader when you can roll a result that totally effects how your character will be viewed but in game terms, it has no real effect. Yes some of the mutations are vastly powerful but with a suitable scenario they have the opportunity to shine and literally make a game a bit special!

One can see how the likes of 2000ad and Judge Dredds Cursed Earth has effected the development, at least in the early years of the Muties and its very tempting to recreate some Mutant raids into surrounding cities for slaves/food or sacrifices and it could be quite a fun process to add some freaky looking sculpts to the existing forces!

All the best!

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