Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Orc Warband Part 1


I thought I should actually get back to work on my Aeroth project with a bit of an attempt to get an Orc warband put together.

My original Leviathan project began and unfortunately ended with an Orc force so I think its quite fitting to start up this blog with attempt to recreate it in a more playable scale. For example, heres a picture of the mighty Titanosaur, the largest warbeast available to the Orcs painted by me all that time ago. Its actually mounted on a 200mm base if memory serves and stood almost a foot tall!

 A Mighty Titanosaur!

Now that made him an ideal centrepiece for an army but in practical terms, he was a bit too big to be practical in 28mm scale. Similarly, some of the smaller warbeasts still towered over pretty much anything else on the board!

A Horde of mostly unpainted lead and resin...

I do believe that the Orc warbeasts are some of the most iconic of the old Leviathan setting and want to recreate them in a somewhat more suitable scale so have settled on some of these chaps:

Yes! The plan is to use some of the cheap plastic D&D miniatures! I actually have three of the above chaps and think the bodies are fine but have hacked the head off one and plan on bulking up its tail to give it a more suitably aggressive Carnosaur look. I hope to add some pictures soon as I complete the resculpted head and tail before moving onto a howdah and some Orcish crew!

Hopefully I will have an update on the next couple of days!

All the best!

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